Performance Plus Programming

Advanced programming for the fitness athlete to improve strength, control, and performance while bulletproofing your body against injury! Designed to augment your current training program and guaranteed to improve your performance!

Shoulder Performance For The Fitness Athlete

For the coach, athlete, and clinician wanting to improve upper body movement and mobility limitations by breaking out the movement patterns important for the fitness athlete. The video seminar and eBook with guide through breakouts and fixes for the overhead position, front rack, dips, and Olympic lifts.

Master The Squat

For coaches, clinicians, and athletes wanting to improve the squat pattern, choose their best squat variation, and identify & correct squat faults in both movement and mobility. The videos and eBook are sure to help all coach & perform the squat better!

Coaches Package

The ultimate combo pack for coaches wanting to better help their athletes have improved movement, perform better, and stay healthy!

“Shoulder Performance for the Fitness Athlete” and “Master the Squat” have both received great reviews from coaches, athletes, and clinicians. With these two products together, you will have an arsenal of tools, tricks, and tests to make your athletes better!

BulletProof Mobility

For the athlete wanting a complete movement & mobility overhaul without wasting time in the gym and the coach wanting to better prepare their athletes for their upcoming workout. This program will cover your mobility needs while getting you warmed up. If you are tired of constantly doing mobility work and not seeing results, try the BulletProof Mobility Routine and improve your performance, mobility, and get your body ready to consistently set PRs!

Unchained Weightlifting & Mobility

This 12-week template was thoughtfully crafted on the foundation of science-based periodization and program design, in order to optimize your strength and weightlifting performance goals. It is developed with an emphasis on the Olympic weightlifting movements while improving trength, power, lean muscle tissue, mobility and stability.

The Yoak

The Yoak may be the most beautiful and versatile training system we’ve seen. By combining a suspension, bar/squat, and parallette mode, the Yoak offers users endless ways to balance strength and train core stability though pushing, pulling, squatting, yoke walking, etc.

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